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Cumalative Grade Point Average Or CGPA Is A Result You Get From Multiple Semesters In Faculty Or The Final Result Of Your All Semesters GPA.

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What Does Cumulative GPA Calculator Do What Does It Mean Cumulative GPA Meaning

Cumulative GPA Also Called CGPA Which Is Your Overall GPA Which You Have Got In Previous Semesters. Suppose You Have Gotten 3.5 GPA With 20 Credit Hours In Your First Semester And In Second Semester You Have Gotten 3.0 With 15 Credit Hours Now Your Total Cumulative GPA Of Both Semester Will Be "3.29" Unweighted/Weighted GPA. And This Is The Best High School Cumulative GPA Calculator Or Overall GPA Calculator.

Now How To Use This Cumulative GPA Calculator

Step One: Give Your Semester Number Along With Total Credit Hours. By Default, We Have Four Semester If You Wanna More Just Click On Add More Semesters.
Step Two: Now Put Your Semester One GPA And In Second Input Put Your Second Semester GPA With Credit Hours
Final:Just Click On Calculate CGPA And Next You Will See Your Unweighted/Weighted/Regular, Honors, College/AP Cumulative GPA Of All Your Semesters. In High School GPA Calculator

CGPA (Cumulative GPA) Formula Or How To Calculate High School Cumulative GPA

Total All Semester 1 Credits - 25 x Total Semester 1 GPA 3.6
Total All Semester 2 Credits - 23 x Total Semester 2 GPA 3.0
25 x 3.6 = 90
23 x 3.0 = 69
25 + 23 = 48
90 + 69 = 159
159 / 48 = 3.31

Cumulative GPA Calculator