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Calculate Your Regular Unweighted GPA And Weighted GPA Like Honors, College, AP, And IB Advanced Classes.


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Weighted GPA Calculator And Unweighted GPA Calculator

Weighted GPA Is The Collection Of Multiple Classes Like IB/AP, Honors, And College. And These Classes Have Different Number Values In Grading Scale Like In Letter "A" With The Value Of 4.0 And "A" In College Class Having Value Number Of 5.0 And In Honors It Will Be 4.50. But Almost In All Schools And Colleges Of Europe And The United States And Canada They Offering All Classes At Once. Now, What Is Unweighted GPA Calculation? In Unweighted GPA There Is Only One Class Which Is Regular Class And There Will "A" Having Value Of 4.0 In All Colleges And Schools. And Unweighted GPA Works Around The Globe To Consider Your Whole GPA. Like In High School GPA Calculator

Instruction To Use This College GPA Calculator

First Step: Select Your Grade With Total Credits And Type Your Subject (Optional).
Second Step: Now Select Your Class Weights That May Be Regular/ Honors/ IB/AP Or College.
Final Step: You Can Add More Subjects And Click Calculate GPA.

College GPA Calculator

College GPA Grade Scale
Grades In LetterGrades In PercentageScale 4.3
A 85-894.0
A- 80-843.7
B+ 77-793.3
B 73-763.0
C+ 65-692.3
C 60-642.0
C- 55-591.7
D 50-541.0
F 0-490.0