GPA Calculator No Credits

Here You Create Your Own Scale Too (By Default Is 4.0)

Semester 1

Middle School GPA Calculator No Credits

Here We Have Created Your Own Scale Feature Where Every Student And Teacher Can Create His/Her Own GPA Scale To Get Exact Results. And By Default, We Have Selected a 4.00 GPA Scale For You. In Some Schools In the United States And Canada Courses Are Without Any Credit.

How To Calculate Middle School GPA Without Credits

Step One:Select Your Grade That May Be A, B, Or C.
Step Two:Now By Default We Have Just One Subject Selected Just Click On Add More Subjects To Have More
Final Step:You Will See Your Result Weighted CGPA Is The CGPA Of Two Or Multiple Subjects And UnWeighted CGPA Is The Result Of Multiple Subjects Selected By You.

GPA No Credit Formula

Credit Hours 1 - 5 x Grade Value B+=3.3
Credit Hours 2 - 5 x Grade Value C=2.0
5 x 3.3=16.5
5 x 2.0=10.0
16.5 + 10.0=26.5
5 + 5=10
26.5 / 10=2.65