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Can Calculate Your Regular, Honors, College, AP, And IB Advanced Classes. Also You Can Use Half And Full Credits To Calculate Your GPA


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GPA Calculator High school

Provides Two Grading Scale Which Is 4.0 And 4.3 Scale Almost 90% Used In the United States And Canada Schools And Colleges. And The Highest GPA You Can Get Or Earn Is 4.0 Which Is Equal To "A" In Letter In 4.0 Grading Scale. And The Highest GPA You Can Get 4.3  Which Is Equal To "A+" In Letter In 4.3 Grading Scale. Now Here After Clicking Calculate GPA, You Can Calculate Your Regular, Weighted And Un-Weighted, Honors And AP/College At Same Time Which Is The Best Feature For You All To Save Your Educational Time. And The Same Formula Is Use To Calculate Your High School GPA, College GPA, And Middle School GPA But Just The Difference Is That Middle School Use Credits Hours Different May Be Full Or Half Also High School Uses Different Credits Hours In Float Value Like 1.5, 2.5. 3.5 And In Some School Using Full Credit Hours. And The College GPA Uses Full Credit Hours. And The Good Thing Is This That You Can Use All Credits Hours Type In Our Site. And Calculate Your GPA. And College GPA Calculator.

Now What Is Weighted GPA And Unweighted GPA?

Weighted GPA Adding Some More Courses Like Honors, College/AP And You Can Almost Get 5 Points In Letter "A" From 0 Scale To 5 Scale. Now In UnWeighted GPA You Can Have Just The Value From 0 To 4.0 Scale And "A" In Letter Is 4.0. And There Are No Honors, College/AP Courses In UnWeighted GPA Only The Regular Value It Has.

Now How To Use Our High School GPA Calculator For 4.0 And 4.3 Scale To Calculate Your GPA

Step One: Type Your Subject Also With Credit Hours.
Step Two: Select Your Grades Of Each Subject Taken.
Step Three: By Default We Have Four Subjects If You Add More You Can.
Step Four: Final Step Now Click On Calculate GPA To See Your Weighted/ Unweighted/ Honors And College/AP At One Time.
Optional Step: Added Extra Feature To Find Your Cumulative GPA Along With Your Previous Semesters And Existence Semester. Just You Need To Enter Your Current CGPA Of Privous Semesters And Total Credits And Below Type Your Subjects With Credits Hours And Select Grades To Calculate Your CGPA. PPM Calculator (parts per million) Conversion

High School GPA Scale 4.0 And College GPA Scale 4.0 The Same Scale Use For Both

Your GradeActual RegularHonorsCollege-AP
B 3.003.504.00
C 2.002.503.00
D 1.001.502.00
F 0.000.501.00
Grades In LetterGrades In PercentageScale 4.0
A 93-964.0
A- 90-923.7
B+ 87-893.3
B 83-863.0
C+ 77-792.3
C 73-762.0
C- 70-721.7
D+ 67-691.3
D 65-661.0
F Below Than 650.0

High School GPA Scale 4.3 And College GPA Scale 4.3 Here Also Same Scale Use For Both High School And College

Grades In LetterGrades In PercentageScale 4.3
A 85-894.0
A- 80-843.7
B+ 77-793.3
B 73-763.0
C+ 65-692.3
C 60-642.0
C- 55-591.7
D 50-541.0
F 0-490.0

What Is The Average High School GPA ? Or What Is A Good High School GPA ?

The Average High School GPA Is Almost 3.0 Which Is Equal To "B" In Letter. Which Is Most Acceptable By Almost All Schools But In Some Schools Acceptable GPA Range From 2.70 To 3.5 Is Good Enough To Get In. So If You Work Hard More To Get Even Above That Average Which Will Be Extra Plus Point For You To Get Admission In Your Desire College And Get Your College Degree In USA Or Canada.

How Many Credits Are Needed To Graduate High School? Or How Many Credits To Graduate High School ?

Students Must Earn Or Get At least From 18-22 Credits To Graduate From High School. But You Can Get Your Diploma On 21 Credits Even. But Recommend You To Earn Almost 22 Credits Both In Canada And In The United States To Easily Get Into Famous Colleges And For Your Bright Future. But Now How To Take These Numbers Credits Just To Get Some Extra Classes Which Will Be Add In Your Final Credit Hours And Almost Every School Offers Extra Classes Both In New York And Texas. But In New York, 44 Credits Is The Requirement To Graduate From High School, In Some School 30 Credits.

High School GPA Calculator

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